Snow White

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Hybrid | AAA+ | THC: 22%, CBD: 0.1%

  • Relaxation            100%
  • Sleepiness              70%
  • Hunger                   70%
  • Happiness              50%
  • Euphoria                45%
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If there was a parallel universe somewhere out there, Snow White would abandon her everyday concerns and grow top-notch cannabis with the dwarves to fill their pots with… pot!

In our universe, Snow White is a 65/35 indica-dominant hybrid that looks as if it has just left a fairytale. Bred by Nirvana Seeds, the strain descends from the one-and-only White Widow, although its father still remains unknown — some sources indicate that it has American origins. The average THC content of Snow White is 16.7% with highest scores around 22%.

Staying true to its name, Snow White is a marvelous strain to admire. It grows up to 36 inches tall and comes with densely packed buds attached to the bonsai-like branches. Even though the buds are predominantly dark green (just like its leaves), you can easily spot plenty of dark brown and amber hair that give the strain a touch of fluffiness. The resins are impressive, too, but with such cannabinoid and terpenoid content, it would be unwise to expect anything else.

The strain carries an earthy aroma that is loaded with citrus notes in the background. This citrusy fragrance can also be found in Snow White’s taste. Being smooth on the inhale, it adds a hint of nutty and flowery sweetness to underline the lemon aftertaste.


Just like the fairytale itself, Snow White is fun to experience because it creates an enjoyable mix of both a soothing body buzz and delicate cerebral rush filled with creativity, which makes it perfect for all-day recreational use. Most users feel elated, happy, and hungry after smoking its buds, so you may actually end up having some hedonistic session at home – you know, only you, snacks, and some fun stuff to watch.

In addition to its recreational benefits, This strain can do wonders for medical users as well. It helps alleviate the side-effects of chemotherapy, anxiety, nausea, depression, and pain. On top of that, the strain comes in handy for treating the lack of appetite, staving off stress, and washing fatigue away.

The most commonly reported side-effect to using this strain is hands down the dry mouth. Due to its indica-driven nature, the strain can make users dizzy at high doses, sometimes causing confusion and elevating anxiety. Novice smokers should approach Snow White with caution if the fairytale is to find a happy ending.

Just like its mother White Widow, the strain is appreciated by cannabis breeders because it’s extremely easy to grow. It takes 8-10 weeks until its ready for harvest, but you can see the abundant resin production showing up within the first few weeks of the flowering stage. Snow White commonly yields 450g per square meter. The high yield and exceptional taste are the main reason why many weed aficionados rate this strain as “Top-shelf”.

Effects: relaxed, euphoric, sleepy, uplifted, hungry, creative

May relieve: depression, insomnia, inflammation, pain, lack of appetite, anxiety, nausea

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6 reviews for Snow White

  1. James fred

    Thanks so much to Tahoe, i thought I was been ripped off cause we got so many fucked up niggers around but I received my order on time. Thanks

  2. justicefreeman

    This was my first visit to this website. I have tried others in the New York area, but this is a superb location, The staff was very informative & I plan on returning soon

  3. wesfromflintts

    chip and the team are awesome! the space is beautiful and clean, really nice environment they have created here in Brooklyn

  4. bobert1133

    I am super impressed. They have come out with a product that is superior to anything in this state. The snow white ground flower pods are also super tasty!!! Good job.

  5. brotherseamus19

    Smooth & effective, this 98% distillate does the job nicely. hoping the price will come down once NY state finally legalizes. thanks for the recommendation Mark!

  6. ilovesam714

    Delivery was on time, Bud was good for $140 an oz nothing to brag about. Just good weed, big bud and decent smell. nothing special. Driver was super nice though. Customer service is straight forward, you wont make a friend but you will get your order through

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